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School Notice 学校通知

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As usual, "4 in 1" Daily Class will be closed in the event of public holiday - Deepavali (18 Oct 2017). However, considering most of our students are in the mist of preparing school exams, the school would like to seek your agreement to continue and have a SPECIAL class on 18 Oct helping your child for exam preparation. Note, there will be NO additional charges。 However, the class timing will be adjusted at a different time on that day. Kindly let us know your feedback and decision. Thank you.

按学校规定,“4 in 1"基础加强班将在公共假日 Deepavali (10月18号)放假。 但是,考虑到学生们还在积极准备考试,学校决定为学生们在10月18号继续上课和帮助孩子们备考。此次是学校免费加课,家长无需另外付费但时间有所更改。请家长回复,谢谢。

Special Lesson Time (临时课时): 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm

School Management

13 Oct 2017

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