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Science Discovery Tuition

A specially designed and proven science improvement program for Primary Students. This program comprises 2 main blocks:

1. Understand Well Block - to inspire interests and fun learning in science through video learning and in-class discussions.

2. Score Well Block - to master scoring skills in science exams

Understand Well

(Objective: To fully understand all the fundamental elements. To get everything right)

  • All about basic science elements (4 lessons)

  • All about plant (4 lessons)

  • All about animal (4 lessons)

  • All about human (4 lessons)

  • All about energy (4 lessons)

  • All about environment (4 lessons)

Score Well

(Objective: To master the essential skills and technics to score A* in exam or PSLE.)

To achieve optimum results: minimum score is 75 and above.

  • All about MCQ in Booklet A (4 lessons)

  • All about open questions in Booklet B (4 lessons)

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